Mission Statement

We have been serving LA and OC since 2005. We are a group of Professionals who are committed to staying on top of the Latest Painting and Wall Decorating Trends. We pride ourselves in knowing that we provide Excellent Customer Service and have a Great Community Reputation.


  1. We pride ourselves in showing up every day and on-time until your project is 100% complete.
  2. We have extremely efficient communication with all our clients throughout the whole project.
  3. We will clean up after ourselves and leave the project area free of debris, trash and all materials.


We have experience with many types of commercial projects including:
Retail, Tilt up buildings, multi-level, parking lots, stairwells, iron structures and more.


We take great pride in transforming your home to be the envy of the neighborhood. We offer nothing less than competitive prices, reliability and a good quality painting service.

Public Works

With public contracts ranging from various cities, counties and the state of CA, we have the knowledge and experience to comply with Local and State laws.


Liberty Painting and Restoration is a proud sponsor and donor of many local organizations in the Brea, North Orange County and Los Angeles County area. We love our community.